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What we’ve been up to… tea parties and cocktails at Kurobuta

I have fond memories of all the food I polished off on my Japanese holiday, so naturally, when it comes to eating anything Japanese in London nowadays, I’ve got a new benchmark – and it’s an extremely high one. So the places I’ve been to in recent weeks? Not bad, not bad. But not so with Kurobuta. This funky restro for cool kids not only comes correct with the authentic top nosh, but it’s got the added bonus of being a very cool place to go visit.


I was invited to the Harvey Nichols branch to try out their ‘Tokyo Tea Party’ – a very quirky, very stylish, very Instagrammable experience that was only missing one thing: the tea. If you want that, you gotta pay extra. But what it lacked in tradition it made up for with a first-class yet affordable menu, which I’m pretty sure is down to chef Scott Hallsworth’s Nobu credentials. I mean, honey BBQ short rib puffs? Freshly-made donuts? A confit duck and taro croquette? That’s a seriously hip selection of savoury and sweet dishes that also included a fine salmon and avocado maki with rocket aioli.  And the cocktails we ordered separately weren’t too shabby either.  Check out pics from my recent visit below – but for more deets, visit:

Kurobuta_TCE-4Kurobuta_TCE-5 Kurobuta_TCE-9



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