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What we’ve been up to… afternoon tea at Little Nan’s Rio Bar

afternoon tea at Little Nan's Rio Bar

I’ve been to some strange places in my time but nothing – and I mean, nothing –  as freakishly charming as afternoon tea at Little Nan’s Rio bar. Just imagine: if us mere humans could hitch a ride all the way back to our memories of the ’90s ala Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that’s exactly what this quirky pop-up looks and feels like. Except everything about Nan’s – the vintage tat, the retro posters which doubles as wallpaper, the cocktails in teapots, the Pic’nMix – are very REAL (and brilliant).

Proper scones and cake

I was invited to try Little Nan’s new spot in the basement of the Rio Cinema in Dalston. As I said, there were all sorts of madness going on with the decor, but Instagram/Snapchat opps aside, the tea itself was wonderful: we’re talking proper scones with homemade jam, solid sandwiches, a choice of vicky sponge and carrot cake (both delish) and a very generous pot of those teapot cocktails we guzzled down with teacups.

As it happens, this ain’t the only place you can try this out 0n the East side at the mo. They’ve also popped up at the National Trust’s Grade-II listed Sutton House until the end of September, but they’ve toned things down a touch to include a tour of the house (it’s the oldest once in Hackney) and a bespoke cocktail with your name on it. Check out pics from my visit of the Rio Bar below – but for more info about Little Nan’s, head to

Little Nan's Rio Bar

Little Nan's Rio Bar 2


Little Nan's Rio Bar 6

Little Nan's Rio Bar 9

Little Nan's Rio Bar

afternoon tea at Little Nan’s Rio Bar


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