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What we’ve been up to… Secret Cinema


Imagine my surprise one  Wednesday evening, as I strolled along a street in London and entered a building, only to be transported to war torn 1940’s?! …  time travelling sans the DeLorean, perhaps? Not quite. Truth is, I was paying a little trip to the new Secret Cinema event. And what an experience it was. Only thing is, I have sworn to tell no one!

Ok, so I  can let you in on some of the details…This new site is incredible and the building is perfect for the event. The classic event  format goes something like this.  You receive an invite and from then on, you receive clues as to what the film may be. When you enter the site you are literally tranplanted into the film, complete with sets and actors – and it’s a disorientating yet entertaining experience. You are encouraged to get into the character, fancy dress and all, and become part of the show – and it’s a great chance to flex those thespian muscles, interacting with the professionals and actively working out what the film is. If you prefer a passive view, perch yourself  on one of the purpose built sets and let your mind cogs go in overdrive as the team play out what can best be described as one huge game of charades. There’s no prizes for guessing, except one big film geek pat on the back (the holy grail if you ask me!).

Films at Secret Cinema events are always classics that you should see at some point in your life, and past films include The Warriors, Funny Face, If… and Ghostbusters, amongst others. I’m under oath not to spill the beans about what this season’s film actually is, so you will have to get yourself down there to be in on the secret. And remember, once you’re in, tell no one.

Secret Cinema runs until 22 January 2012 – and now they’ve launched Secret Restaurant, a new theatrical food experience in partnership with the Michelin-starred St. John,at the site of the Secret Cinema event. For more info, visit


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