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Somewhere you should go… The Festival of Dangerous Ideas at Rich Mix


Phrases such as “Broken Britain” and “Euro crisis” have become familiar to us in the news in recent years, so Rich Mix is hosting “The Festival of Dangerous Ideas” to explore these concepts and more, promising a day of discussion, debate, dancing, film making and theatre. Topics debated will range from riots, poetry, art and politics to economics and history, while guests taking part include veteran activist Tony Benn (pictured), Guardian writer Owen Jones and lecturer and author Nina Power.

Just some of the things you can take part in during the day include:

  • Guerilla Film Project – make your own film inspired by the topics of the day (shooting, editing and watching the finished product all take place on the one day so there will be no time for sitting in your director’s chair!)
  •  Theatre of the Oppressed – Come and solve society’s problems in this interactive and innovative theatre workshop (or at least have fun trying to come up with a solution!).
  •  Why Is It All Kicking off Everywhere? Come and hear BBC Newsnight’s Economics Editor talk about riots, rebellions, revolt and why the gap between those with money and those without is getting bigger.
  •  Art Belongs on the Streets – Take part in a submersive art and poetry experience
  •  The Writing on the Wall – Take a musical meander with folk singer Roy Bailey who takes inspiration from politics, socialism and more. DJs such as the Asian Dub Foundation will finish the night with hip hop, dub and electronica sets

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas takes place on Saturday 17th March from 10am-1am at Rich Mix. More information can be found here: (Words: Clare Ebberson)

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