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What we’ve been up to… Pop-Up Screens

It seems no matter where you turn, there’s an outdoor cinema – but dishing out a hefty amount of cash to watch a cult classic outside is the last thing we’re trying to do in these thrifty times – so we’re kinda liking the idea of Pop-Up Screens. For just £8 per person, you can set up camp in one of a number of parks and bring along cushions, blankets, foldable chairs (we practically brought our entire sofa set), and your own food. So that’s where we could be found last Saturday, as we enjoyed Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer on a pop-up screen – literally. Pop Up Screens It was fun watching the team blow up the gigantic inflatable while we got ourselves nice and comfy on our cushions, before tucking into our chinese takeway. Plus there was a charming host on the evening who was gracious enough to introduce the film and wrap up the proceedings afterwards. But a word of advice – arrive as early as possible so you can stake your claim on a decent spot to watch the film, and you might want to bring something a little bit warmer than a blanket as it can get chilly by the time the film finishes. But if the weather continues to go in this tropical direction, we doubt you’ll have to worry about that! For more info about Pop Up Screens, visit:

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