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Somewhere you should go… Backdoor Salon

Nowadays, it seems supperclubs are really growing up.  From the original concept of inviting random strangers to a humble abode for dinner, these socials have started to occupy any space going in the capital, with the popular clubs making their way on the festival circuit like the one from the infamous Ms Marmite Lover, who’s held court at Bestival and The Secret Garden Party.  Likewise, the boys behind Backdoor Kitchen have enjoyed  evolving in the last couple of years to become one of the most renowned SCs in the capital. Specialising in Mediterranean food, Fabio and Roberto’s first event started in their tiny Bermondsey flat in 2011, but a year later, they appeared at  an international  summit for supperclubs at the Goethe-Institut.  Now, they’re branching out even further with a brief series of pop-ups, in collaboration with Cannon & Cannon in Brixton’s Market Row. 

Backdoor Kitchen

At the “Backdoor Salon”, you can come along for a 4-course brunch but as we discovered, it’s all about the  “apertivo” in the afternoon for £15.  You get a complimentary cocktail and a surprise selection of three “Cicchetti” (think tapas) from a menu of six before getting the option of ordering more dishes at just £2.50 a pop.  The food is absolutely INCREDIBLE – our favourites were the ouva gratinate e bottargo (egg au gratin stuffed with pecorino cheese, chive, lemon juice, boiled egg yolk and sprinkled with Sardinian dried mullet roe) and the caponatina di coppa (courgette, sultana, pinenut, caponata mixed with Roman coppa and Pecorino Romano cheese cream) – but chef Roberto hardly puts a foot wrong where everything else is concerned.  We only wished we managed to get the “surprise” menu addition of mussels before they ran out!


It was definitely a worthwhile experience, but sadly the brunch and apertivo will only running for two more Sundays, while the space seats a maximum of 30 people, so you’ll want to get in quick – visit the link below for more details.

The next Backdoor Salon is on July 28th and August 4th.  For more info, visit:

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