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5 of the most offbeat supperclubs in London

Supper clubs – a one-night experience run by enthusiasts and open to the general public – have taken off in the past couple of years. They’re now very easy to organise and publicise through social media, and pre-sell tickets through services like Eventbrite or Paypal. But going to a supper club is a great way to eat good food in unusual settings and meet new people. One thing I particularly like about them is that all payment is done in advance – unlike going out for dinner at a restaurant there are no nasty moments when the bill arrives! So here are five of the best, illustrating the diversity available. There are lots of resources for finding supper clubs – for example Guestaurant or my site – – see if you get inspired by these, and then get involved!
Burger Monday 

Daniel Young runs this group, aiming to elevate the burger to its rightful position as a culinary highlight. He gets a great butcher to make a burger, and a great chef (including teams from Hawksmoor and Salt Yard) to devise a three course menu around it. But beware – this is the hottest ticket in town, as the most recent events have sold out within 20 minutes. Daniel also runs other events like SpagWednesday, which are easier to get tickets to. Picture courtesy of Paul Winch-Furness)


Goz from Plusixfive

Pic: WenLin Soh, Edible Experiences

Plusixfive (pictured)

The +65/plusixfive supper club is devoted to Singaporean food (+65 is the international dialling code for Singapore), and the founder and resident chef Goz (pictured) and friends regularly entertain people in his home, cooking classic dishes with a modern twist. Guests bring payment (a minimum amount is suggested) and a bottle. If you’re looking for a fun, friendly supper club in someone’s house then this is a good place to start.

The Cornish Grill
This is a twist on a theme – a pop-up Sunday lunch. What started off as a pop-up barbecue in a pub garden has turned into probably the best sunday roast in London. Founder Matthew Chatfield supplies Cornish produce to some of the top London restaurants, and got the idea after hearing chefs describe how they cooked Sunday roasts. Lunches take place onthe last Sunday of the month, and cost £30 for 3 courses.

ferdiesfoodlab is a regular supper club run by Simon Fernandez. Simon started a few years ago, as an extension of cooking for friends, and this has now evolved into regular banquets at Toynbee Hall, a grade II listed building. The events are usually fortnightly, on a Friday evening, and a minimum contribution of £45 is required from all guests. These always look like amazing parties, and have attracted some really good reviews.

Niko B’s Chocolates
Another twist – a supper club devoted to chocolates. This is an offshoot from the main Niko B organic chocolate business, and holds regular themed supper clubs where chocolate features in all courses. Events cost approximately £25, and are held at the Avo Hotel in Dalston. (Words: Dan Calladine)