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Somewhere you should go… Soho Diner (NOW CLOSED)

Once the clock strikes midnight, your culinary options in the West End are usually limited to greasy kebabs, McDonalds or those suspicious looking hot dogs being fried up on certain corners – so the fact that the new Soho Diner serve their stellar Franco-American menu until 2am on the weekend is pretty much a cause for celebration. It’s just one of the many highlights that makes this new restaurant – from the Soho House group – one of the best openings in the last couple of months.

Soho Diner

On a recent visit, we soon discovered that not only is it a great pit-stop if you’re in that neck of the woods afterhours, but the prices are fab, the surrounds are a beaut and the food is generous and simple, just like its west London counterpart Electric Diner,  which still continues to be a hit with the locals. Go for the grilled ham & cheese fingers (£5) and the honey fried chicken (£5)  if you want to graze – but if you’re after something more lunch or dinner, the philly cheese steak sandwich (£8), grilled salmon with tomato vierge (£11) are both good picks  – and for drinks you might want to get a cocktail (on tap!), like the delicious Root to Mule.

Soho Diner

The only downside to Soho is,  like most of the popular places to eat in town, you can’t make reservations – but there’s still plenty of pluses to give this place a whirl.

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