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5 reasons why…Starbucks wins

I’ve been to many cafes, each offering their own continental take on hot beverages, notably coffee and the many varieties it comes in. Confession – I have only recently become a coffee drinker, so could someone tell me what a (forgive the misspell) “macciato” is? I think that’s how it’s spelled? I rather someone tell me than I google it.


Anyway, while I do love the breadless avocado and crayfish sandwich from Pret ‘A Manger, I’ve got to hand it to Starbucks for taking a good chunk of my income over the last few months. Here’s why:


1. I’m American. Starbucks is an American company. Americans rule dontcha know? That’s loyalty right there. Red, white and blue all the way! Black president! Popeyes Chicken!!!! MACYS! (CHEST BUMP!)


2. I believe in the Starbucks Card. It affords me free wireless in all of their branches AND if I top it up, I get free shots of syrupy stuff. This didn’t matter until I started drinking coffee – trust me, a shot of vanilla helps with the bitterness.


3. It doubles as my office sometimes. The longest I’ve stayed in a Starbucks is about 5 hours, and that’s on the basis of a single cup of Chai Tea Latte. Result, surely? I didn’t get any dirty looks, I could keep my laptop plugged in, and the armchairs are ridiculously comfy. Not sure Pret or Caffe Nero would afford me the same treatment. Pret is French and Nero is Italian and we know that can be love and war. Mmmm hmmm.


4. Caramel Waffles. I could eat 15 of these and search my teeth for remnants a day later. Deep, I know, but they’re that good.


5. They are EVERYWHERE. I live smack between two, and while I know it’s mass capitalism playing me for the fool, I can’t knock the convenience. Sorry.

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