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5 reasons why…I Love Hummingbird Bakery

I’m not being paid for this so if I’m bragging about how fantastic this spot is, it’s not because they’re hooking a girl up with free Red Velvets. ‘Cause they’re not. But maybe they should (perhaps even offer a loyalty card, wink wink? It’d make me feel better about the weight gain caused by those sugary lumps of indulgence, geez). Anywho:


1) You know those days when you really feel like you’ve accomplished something? Like not flipping out at a tourist on the Tube for blocking the doors or resisting the temptations of Twitter to actually get some work done (hello, somebody?). Well a cupcake from Hummingbird is my royal round of applause. There’s nothing like a high calorie well-done to keep you motivated, and the icing actually sings to me in the chord of C Major. Yup.


2) There’s one in my neighbourhood (S Kensington) and they’ve also landed on Wardour Street. Can you imagine? Cupcakes on my doorstep! Oh the joy!


3) Prices are low which is good cause I’m kind of on a budget. You know how that gets.


4) The packaging is really pretty. I thought buying MAC make-up made me feel posh – HB present their cupcakes like Christmas pressies you haven’t paid for (before reality sets in of course, for example: “Oh, for me? Why thank you, you’re too kind. Oh, you want money… Damn”)


5) They’ve got a thing for pink and that’s great because I’m female and I’ve been conditioned from youth to fully appreciate and unconsciously graviate towards that colour. Totally suckered? You betcha.

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