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Somewhere you should go… the Cave of Sounds at Hack the Barbican Festival

Instruments and me go waaaaaaaaaaaay back.  From learning to play the piano aged 7, to practicing flute scales for the bulk of my teens (and flirting with the saxaphone and guitar along to the way), I can honestly say I miss those days – not  just because I got to develop  modest musical talents, but also the camaraderie that came with playing in the school orchestra (because no matter how bad we were, we  always had a whale of a time doing it).



So I’m loving the idea of the Cave of Sounds  – an installation where visitors will get to play bespoke instruments that have  been invented before coming together in one accord for  what could be quite the jam session – especially as it will encompass body movements and new technology.  Players will be connected through interactive floor visualisations with the aim of exploring self expression and understanding how music can be used to communicate with one another.

The project  comes courtesy of London artist Tim Murray-Browne and it  kicks off at the Barbican from 19-26 August.  For more info, visit:

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