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Somewhere you should go… The Vault Festival

The Vault Festival

The recent excavation of the Waterloo tunnels has caused a stirring in the alternative arts scene. So for a three-week period, the maddest hatters and the creepiest ideas generators are moving down under and bringing the Leake Street underground to life with The Vault Festival – a mass celebration made up of hundreds of performers and an eclectic mix of theatre, film screenings, late night parties and an unusual way to experience opera.

Performances are  interactive and innovative with contemporary twists – check out hard rockers The Furies for example – while Birmingham’s Kindle Theatre perform a heavy metal gig of sorts, weaving together the ancient story of Clytemnestra,  a story of a woman’s loss and her subsequent revenge. And ff that doesn’t get you interested, I don’t know what will! There is also late parties in the form of vintage dance party, B-Movie nights and even a Mardi Gras,  The perfect way to lose those winter blues – so with thousands of tickets available, you’d be a fool to miss out. (Words: Laura Thornley) 

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