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Places in London… South Kensington

In a nutshell: If there’s one term that could sum up South Kensington, it’d probably be “stush”( aka posh aka bougie-bougie), but in this case, that’s not a bad thing. It’s no doubt a tourist destination, with a exotic mix of French, Italian and Spanish residents representing for the area as well as loads of hotels and things to do. But unlike other tacky locales (SOHO), you’ll feel you’ve got your money’s worth and your, ahem, wallet still in tact (although the only pickpockets here are probably the owners of the Food and Wine newsagents…*see DON’T EVEN below…*)

If you’ve got a couple of hours: Head to the museums, obviously. There’s the ScienceNatural History and theV&A (currently showing an exhibition dedicated to Grace Kelly’s wardrobe for all you fashionistas) , or you could visit The Royal Albert Hall, not so much for the classical gigs (unless that’s your thing, not mine), but for the front of house and backstage tours (£8-£12) or the FREE photography exhibitions. There’s also the Serpentine Gallery, which, if you choose to chill in Kensington Gardens, is located smack-bam in the middle, and it’s another freebie.

Foodwise, I’ve heard good things about 1880 at The Bentley Hotel (the Thrifty be warned; 5 Star!), The Bombay Brasserie (Indian) and Bumpkin (English). And it’d be silly to not mention the Hummingbird Bakery and their FANTASTICAL cupcakes. Red Velvet y’all!

Don’t Even: BUY ANYTHING FROM FOOD & WINE. I’m not trying to run peeps out of business, but to try to sell me a 500ml bottle of water for one-pound and change is NOT THE ONE. In fact, it’s is quintessential FOOLISNESS. Please, take yourself to 297 Brompton Road; they call it TESCO METRO….

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Do you live/work/play in South Kensington and have any area recommendations? Leave your tips below in the comments section! 



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