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Somewhere you should go… The London Ice Sculpting Festival

Pic: Steve Pattenden

All of my knowledge of ice sculpting comes from Edward Scissorhands. Who hasn’t been mesmerised by the scene where Edward whittles an ice angel out of a cold block, with his bare (scissor) hands, in an effort to win Winona’s heart? If you were as mesmerised as I was, well, you’re in for a treat because it’s time for this year’s London Ice Sculpting festival. If the website is anything to go by, carving an angel will seem like child’s play by the time you leave.

Pic: Steve Pattenden

Pic: Steve Pattenden

Taking place around Canary Wharf (from Friday onwards) the festival will be hosting sculpting competitions to see who can create the biggest and best sculpture on the day. Come and watch the pros go at it, or better still, get started on the path to ice sculpting glory by signing up to a masterclass, where you’ll be taught how to chisel a mundane block into a work of abeautiful penguin. If it all goes wrong just say it’s a cloud. Classes are likely to be popular, but don’t despair if you miss out – there’ll also be a graffiti wall for those with more ‘street’ inclinations to sculpt on.

Those who want a more sedate day out can play ice chess or join in the arts and crafts workshops. Alternatively simply soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the fire dancers and Northern Lights laser show, and kick back, safe in the knowledge you’re definitely at the coolest thing happening in January.

The London Ice Sculpting Festival runs from  11-13 Jan, in Canary Wharf. Tickets are free.  For more info, visit


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