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A New Year winter day’s stroll around Holland Park

What to do in London - Holland Park

I got up to a lot of things in 2015 – running 50k in the countryside; risking my life by swinging on oversized curtains; eating too much fried chicken and not doing enough crunches. But I really wish I took a chill pill, like taking a walk in the park.  So guess what I did on the first day of the year?

The destination was Holland Park, one of those rare green spaces in West London that look a bit ‘meh’ on the outside until you wander in. W8ers don’t like everyone else to know about it for fear they’ll head here in droves, killing the good vibes and scaring away the peacocks (yea, there’s peacocks here, go figure).

What to do in London - Kyoto Garden Holland Park

Not that I would blame them (that’s heading here in droves, not scaring the peacocks). It’s rare you can find a serene space in London where exotic birds roam free and urban ramblers are expected to kick back to take in the idyllic Kyoto Garden. The garden’s beautiful benches are practically begging you to take a seat, exhale and think happy thoughts.

What to do in London - strolling around Holland Park

So, about the walk. I can’t say I’m one for strolling out here, in these streets, in the winter, on purpose, meaning it was only right I dressed for the occasion. For the sake of warmth, I went for the classic all-black (my favourite jeggings, Uniqlo; a wool blend coat, H&M; ankle boots, New Look; leather gloves, Gap). But I topped it all off with one of those winter hats everyone’s rocking these days (in this case, the Joules Toni felt trilby hat from Outdoor & Country).


Thankfully, the rain showers didn’t arrive until a few hours later – and in that time, I got my fill of peace and tranquility to get my first resolution of the year off to a lovely start.

Here’s a few more snaps I took:

Holland Park What to do in London - Holland Park What to do in London - Holland Park What to do in London - Holland Park Peacock

Have you visited Kyoto Garden in Holland Park?  Or, where do you go in London for a little peace and quiet? Leave a comment!