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Cycling in style: those leggings trousers from UNIQLO

I don’t know what would become of me if I never discovered UNIQLO’s leggings trousers.   Dramatic, but true.  I’m at that age where the body shape has decided to do its own thing depending on what I eat or drink (You enjoy that burger? Here’s a side of body fat to go with that), so if the jeggings aren’t well made, they’re not going to last very long.


Now that the weather’s changed, I realised I needed some quality pants for the winter season (especially for my cycling commute to work or wherever), and as always, the LT’s never disappoint.  I picked up a pair in black from the High Street Kensington branch of UNIQLO last week and I’ve practically worn them every other day. They’re the stretchiest, comfiest, prettiest hybrid bottoms that 1) make my riding romps around London that little bit sweeter, thanks to the spandex  2) help me avoid the whole top and leggings look, which is quite the faux pas when you’re packing runners thighs like mine and 3) are friendly on the pocket: they’re only £14.90 in various colours.  The only thing I needed to watch with these are the sizings.  Vanity insisted I was a Small or a Medium, but a  30-32″ waist is in fact a Large.  I tried not to take it personally.

For more details, visit the UNIQLO website.


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