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My five favourite moments of 2015

A round of applause for 2015: you did good. I could reel off all of the things I loved about it, but we might be here for a while  – so here’s my top five favourite moments of the year, in no particular order:

That camping trip

Landed! My VIP suite for the night! #icantbelieveimactuallycamping

A photo posted by Matilda (@megerecooper) on

At the grand age of 34, I’d never been camping – but an assignment for Reuters gave me the chance to glamp it up in June at the very first Camp Wildfire – an adventure camp for adults. And you know what? It wasn’t half-bad! I did wish there were showers, but hey…

Running an ultra marathon

  Nothing but hills and valleys! #rttsishere #wmnrun100 #rundemcrew   A photo posted by Matilda (@megerecooper) on

I kickstarted my love for running when I just Run Dem Crew nearly five years ago.  Since then, I’ve knocked out 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons, a marathon and this year, my first ultra marathon (50k) in July as part of the wmnrun100 project.

That weekend in Paris

Beaaaaaaaaautiful weather for cheering (and pain au chocolats!) #rundemcrew #semiparis #btgparis

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Speaking of Run Dem, one of our mottos is “if you do not run, you must cheer” – so I hopped on the Eurostar at the 11th hour in June to show some love to everyone doing the Paris half-marathon, and had a whale of a time with my buddies Camila and My-Ha. 

The return of Tawiah


I mean… 😳 @tawiahmusic #whenyoutrumptheoriginal #sorrySoul4Real #candyrain #soulmusic #UK A video posted by Matilda (@megerecooper) on

Those that know, know. Tawiah is, hands down, one of my favourite female vocalists of all time, so seeing her at a one-off gig this year with my friend Spree was a real pleasure.

The fried chicken at the Lockhart

Woyyyyyy yoooooooyyyyyyy *horns* chicken and waffles! 😍😍😍

A photo posted by Matilda (@megerecooper) on

I’m a southern girl (Houston, Texas baby!) and I didn’t think I’d ever find real buttermilk fried chicken in Londontown until I had dinner at The Lockhart, which I only discovered this year.  Compliments to the chef: the food is fantastic.


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