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Something you should see…Beginners

Take a gay man coming out at the age of 75, his melancholic son and a foreign actress, add a cute Jack Russell terrier, put them together on the streets of vibrant Los Angeles – et voilà, you have the perfect recipe for a movie night.

You’re probably be wondering what I’m talking about; here’s a clue: the key word is Beginners, and the man behind the camera is Mr. Mike Mills.

The latest film from the legendary director is really, really worth watching. The story is lovely, bittersweet to the point that you might cry. The lead actors make it even more enjoyable: Christopher Plummer gives the gay dad a touch of genius, Ewan McGregor is truly moving in the role of the affectionate son, and if you liked Mélanie Laurent in Inglorious Basterds you will surely love the quirky part she plays here. Save the date, then – it’s out July 22nd, and you won’t be disappointed. (words: Federica Silvi)


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