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Photos: Lovebox Festival 2016

Lovebox festival 2016

True stories: I knew very little about Lovebox festival before I got tickets. But a friend reckoned that if I’d ever experienced Wireless, this annual gig in Victoria Park wasn’t too far off. Well, he wasn’t wrong. Between the young demographic and the limited info available to direct you to the right stages, I gotta say, it wasn’t really my vibe. But what I did appreciate was seeing my Run Dem buddy Peigh reunite with his group NuBrandFlexxx for a brilliant show on the Visions stage.

The return of NuBrandFlexxx

Amped, energetic and brilliantly reckless, the grime gang flew through their known hits. I wished I recorded the ecstatic crowd reaction to their anthem and 2000 Nu Brand – folk were really all up in their emotions. Also, I got to see a bit of Kano in a tent (which made no sense whatsoever – give the man main stage already!).  If I’m gonna be real with y’all, I felt so uncomfortable in the midst of the mosh,  I needed to back out and find a space where I could breathe. I’m way too old for all that pushing and shoving. But naturally, I stayed long enough to get a few snaps, so here’s my pictures from the Friday of Lovebox Festival 2016:


Lovebox festival 2016 – at least the weather was good.

Lovebox festival 2016

Matchy matchy


Locked and loaded – inside the Visions tent to see Nu Brand Flexxx

Lovebox Festival 2016


Lovebox Festival 2016

Man like Peigh.

Lovebox 2016

In the zone.

Lovebox Festival 2016

Inside the FabricLive tent, waiting for Kano

Lovebox 2016

King Kano. Solid set from one of the UK’s finest.

The next fest I’ll be heading to is Jazz Re:fest on the 31st, which is totally up my street. I wentchecked it out tlast year so I know this year’s event will be just as brilliant. Can’t wait.