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Somewhere you should go… Battle of Ideas 2013

If you have a burning concern or a major bee in your bonnet about driver-less cars, the craze of pop-ups or the intrusive activities of some newspapers (yeah, them!) then a receptive audience awaits you at the Barbican this October: an event that brings the movers and shakers of the thinking world together. Now in its 9th year, and 2nd at the Barbican, The Battle of Ideas is the perfect place for free speakers and cutting edge thinkers to lock craniums and debate the latest ideas effecting areas of policy and culture today.

It may sound a bit heavy but the breadth and depth of the debates is astonishing and fascinating. Women’s rights, the NHS, public art and China’s economy are all on the agenda. Academics, journalists, industry experts and a few PhD students will all be on the panels to discuss the provocative order of the day, and the audience always gets a chance to put their two penny-worth in.


The festival runs over two days and is filled with diverse subject strands. Of course, you’ll be pleased to hear there is an arts and culture specialist area debating the hottest issues facing the arts, including why arts education should be compulsory, what the use of public art is and one of the most discussed issues at the moment: philanthropy.

I suggest you get your thinking cap on now and make use of the dense website the organisers have compiled: they even have a suggested reading area! There is no better way to bring out the inner geek. Bring lively debate and a sharp tongue; apathetic minds need not apply. (Words: Laura Thornley)


On October 19th and 20th. For more info visit:

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