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Somewhere you should go… Rattlesnake Live Bar & Kitchen

Rattlesnake of Angel

As my work recently relocated to North London,  I’ve found myself exploring the other side of the river far more – and I’ve always known Angel has a great selection of pubs and restaurants for after work fun, like Rattlesnake, likely to become  one of my main Angel haunts.
It somehow manages to be everything –  a bar, restaurant and live music venue –  but still be good at all three. They also understand that the skill to a good drinks menu is too keep it simple,  Visiting with a friend known for being a cocktail devotee, she proclaimed she tried the best Old Fashioned she had ever had. And  while the food isn’t over the top – we’re talking burgers, pizzas and Tex-Mex – it’s all classic American food but all done to a good standard. For me anywhere that offers sweet potato fries is a winner.

Rattlesnake of Angel

Given the American-style bar menu, the decor follows suit, all exposed brickwork and leather backed booths, tv screens showing Westerns and bison skulls pinned to the walls. It strikes the right balance though between themed and tacky, and if anything it’s far more kitsch and ironic, and largely accurate to what you’ll come across in the USA.

The real appeal to Rattlesnake is its cosy live music venue located at the back of the bar.  Their upcoming lineup is impressive and varied and includes indie, dance and electro,  featuring up and coming bands. From the outside it gives off an indie intimidating air – perhaps because it knows how good it is – but inside is a welcoming bar with friendly staff, great drinks and a live music venue, making it a destination for your hitlist this summer. (Words: Lucy Palmer) 

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