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Halstead & Kerr: Harmattan Cluster at Anarch Gallery

I do love a bit of conceptual art though sometimes the language used can be baffling. I confess I’m not quite sure of the meaning of “seeking to find the lens through which they inspect and which in turn delineates the implied thing as a cluster of possible emancipatory connections”. I am intrigued though.

If you’re still with me, surphysics is the subject matter here of this exhibition, and is a really rather heartening attempt to create a safe space within the memory banks. It’s a quite lovely idea. Like a self-decimating Russian doll or a dog chasing its own tail, Surphysics seeks to re-understand the source of thought, how we process it, how that is stored, and how it is remembered. It’s a chicken ‘n’ egg take on memory and the creation of that memory.

The artists, Halstead & Kerr, are members of Solina Hi-Fi, a gaggle of artists and music merchants involved in any manner of pursuit – a 24 hour Olympic marathon being a particular achievement. And a focus on collaboration is of importance to Anarch, the space in Deptford which this exhibition features. It seeks to find new spaces to create site-specific work that challenges the artists’ own modus operandi. Here, it is Halstead & Kerr who are challenged to develop alternative work practices –  though I think I’ll let their art do the talking rather than their words. (Words: Ed Spencer) 

Harmattan Cluster runs until January 26th.  For more info, visit


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