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Somewhere you should go…This Is Design @ the Design Museum

If you need a heads up on how the British have made the world a better place with innovative thinking, then the Design Museum has just the ticket. Their new exhibition, This is Design, takes a journey through the earliest mass-produced British design to the newest in contemporary handmade stuffs. Made up of their own personal collection, all pieces have been receiving some quality TLC for the past five years and now are ready for the world again.

Divided into categories such as Identity, Manufacturing Innovations, the Digital Revolution and Lifecycle, the exhibition promises a more philosophical look at how design shapes our lives and helps us interact with objects around us. It will also look at how the smallest of accidental design can impact us so hugely. The pieces included range from furniture, road signs, even replica buildings designed by Sir Norman Foster and of course, the archetypal British Mini.

If the first thing that springs to mind when you hear British design is a Sinclair C5 then this should make for the perfect re-education this summer. (Words: Laura Thornley) 

This Is Design opens on August 24 until January 22, 2012.  For more info, visit:


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