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Metropolitans: Tommy Evans, band leader and drummer

I front…a band called Submotion Orchestra, which was born in Leeds. At the time,  I was playing a lot of dub/DnB and Jazz, but I wanted to find some kind of crossover in the middle. Dubstep was just beginning to surface and yet no one was doing it live. It seemed like the perfect platform for this new idea, and it’s worked. I loved Leeds and have a huge amount of respect for the musicians and music scene but I needed a change and moved to London a year ago.  The capital is incredible. It’s a bewildering, manic and constantly surprising place to live.

 The area in London I call home is…Stoke Newington. It’s full of buff mums and trendy babies but I like it! Some of the restaurants on Church Street are amazing and the area is full of musicians, artists and likeminded people.

 I tend to get my threads from…Supreme Being and SS20 (Oxford). Supreme Being have endorsed Submotion so I get a lot of amazing free clobber from them, which is nice. SS20 is the shop I always got my threads from as a kid. I still think it’s one of the best clothes shops around.

 To enjoy London’s nightlife, you should…To be honest, I don’t really go out if I’m not playing ‘cos I spend of my time playing in clubs and venues anyway! The best venues I have played in London are probably the Jazz Cafe in Camden which is great and The Coronet in Elephant and Castle. For amazing free music get down to the foyer of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank every Friday evening. Or you get on a bus and go to Subdub in Leeds, which is by far the best night I have been to in the UK!

 If I was mayor, I would…Ban 4×4’s, give everyone a free pushbike, start funding the arts again, ban people wearing scarves with a t-shirt, and do a grime collaboration with Boris Johnson.

 My favourite spot to check out art is…in any toilet, in any nightclub, anywhere in London.

 I’d kindly tell a tourist to…promote the hell out of Submotion when they get home.

 The things I miss when I leave London are…my girlfriend, the food, the noise, the energy, the constant chaos, my piano.

 My soundtrack to London would include:

Jibber” by Ruckspin, “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” by Donny Hathaway, “Boho Dance” by Joni Mitchell, “The Peacocks” by Bill Evans, “Helplessly Hoping” by Crosby, Stills and Nash and “Gold” by Darkstar.

The album Finest Hour by Submotion Orchestra is out now.  For more info, visit


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