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Something you should see…Ron Arad’s Curtain Call, Roundhouse

From chairs made out of Rover car seats, curving ‘Bookworm’ shelves to chandeliers displaying text messages, industrial designer Ron Arad has always enjoyed taking a physical concept and turning it entirely on its head.

His latest project at the Roundhouse, Camden is no exception. It completely reimagines the idea of a cinema screen as a 360-degree curtain made up of 5,600 transparent silicon rods hanging from an 18 metre diameter ring. Viewers can move directly through the 8 metre high curtain so that they are standing right in the centre of the moving cylindrical images: A rather novel experience, to say the least.

The innovative installation is on display until August 29th, featuring projected works from firmly established artists including Mat Collishaw, Hussein Chalayan, Greenaway & Greenaway and selected RCA alumni. Special events are also taking place within the large-scale construction, including a performance from renowned cellist Steven Isserlis with accompanying visuals from SDNA and Berlin-based electro label Innervisions performing a DJ set as well as a live score to the 1920s classic The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

So make sure you check out Arad’s latest kooky invention out; truly head-spinning stuff! (Words: Aoife Moriarty)

On until August 29th. For more info, visit:


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