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Somewhere you should go… KKC Orchestra at the Exhibition Road Show

KKC Orchestra

As you may have noticed from the Olympic opening ceremony, London is pretty proud of its music scene. The city often acts as an intersection between the many cultures that find themselves here; the fusion and production of new sounds. If you want to see this in practice here’s something that might just embody that idea – the KKC Orchestra. The sound is described as “Incredible French Django Rheinhardt style gypsy swing goes Hip Hop” (but between me and you let’s just call it very cool-sounding electro swing). Performing this weekend at the Exhibition Road Show, the diversely trained quartet may not be homegrown, but their experimental style epitomises the musical vibe Londoners live for.

KKC Orchestra

The musicians met in Toulouse and spent their days in flat 74 in the cite d’Empalot, fine tuning their sounds; no easy feat considering their diverse backgrounds. The female pianist is classically trained, the guitarist from a swing background; the vocalist, a Hip-Hop rapper and the DJ has a love for Drum and Bass. Their style is unique and fresh and irresistible for anyone who likes to dance. The wider festival presents other culturally exciting performances from experimental music to choreographed street performances; all taking place in the culturally rich area of Kensington’s Exhibition Road until August 5th. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend to us! (Words: Laura Thornley)

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