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Something you should see… Shunt presents: The Architects


Shunt may have been around for over a decade, but their work is still as fresh as the day they started out. If you haven’t had the pleasure before, they are a band of live performers curating projects in unusual places. After a couple of years break they return this month with a modern twist on an ancient Greek tale.


Most of the production details are shrouded in secrecy, in a bid to retain an element of surprise for the audience. We do know though that The Architects takes its starting point from the Minotaur myth and uses it to create a labyrinth within the Biscuit Factory walls. If that already sounds obscure, then just wait. The production process the group draw on relies little on directorial hierarchy and rather just allows the actors to respond to a theme, creating their own scenes and using few traditional theatre methods.

Shunt have been working together since 1998, but became most widely known for their residency in the London Bridge vaults between 2004 and 2010. Their last production Money in 2010 was housed in a Bermondsey Street warehouse and was an all-encompassing production that took the audience on a journey through scenes of consumerism and financial corruption. So don’t expect to be a passive audience member – their style is in ya face and interactive. But do expect to be entertained and dazzled.  (Words: Laura Thornley)

The Architects runs from November 27th to February 2nd, 2013. For more info, visit


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