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Somewhere You Should Go… The Benugo Bar & Kitchen

Benugo Bar & Kitchen

The Southbank definitely suffers from a constant influx of tourists, forcing Londoners to share one of the most beautiful areas in the capital with screaming European teenagers you’ll struggle to dodge.  But it’s undoubtedly worth a visit for amongst the chain restaurants are some  hidden gems of bars and cafes. While the BFI is best known for its film events and movie screenings it’s home to Benugo Bar & Kitchen, far more stylish and appealing than the commonly known Riverfront.

Benugo Bar & Kitchen

The menu offers great British classics, all produced freshly every day using top ingredients. You can get brunch at the weekend including poached duck eggs or the traditional sausage sandwich.  The dinner menu is equally adventurous and classic at the same time with quail, duck and sweet potato fries all featured on the menu.

Drinks are on the pricey side, but for London you don’t get much cheaper, and they are worth it. Overall, it’s a great place to go to catch up with friends as it has the balance of a busy bar with a great atmosphere but not too noisy that you can’t chat and hear people, a problem I find more and more with London bars ( though maybe that’s just my age…). And I recommend my favourite cocktails –  the Carol Channing, a mixture of framboise and champagne and the Blueberry Caiparinha with organic abelha cachaca and homemade blueberry jam. (Words: Lucy Palmer) 

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