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Somewhere you should go… CircusFest at the Roundhouse


Those up for adrenaline-tinged entertainment might want to visit this year’s CircusFest. Following success in 2007 and 2010, CircusFest 2012 may prove to be the most exciting of the trio as it aims to bring together global circus performers in a range of diverse acts, blending various forms of circus-related art in a five-week extravaganza.

Starting from March 28th, The Roundhouse will be featuring major premiering performances in their main space, and audiences can join the ranks as circus performances are brought to a whole new level. In Il Pixel Rosso: The Great Spavaldos, audience members (two at a time) are taken on a video-powered journey into a flying-trapeze double act’s hidden history. One can even learn trapeze skills from experts in the Roundhouse car park.

Professor Vanessa’s Wondershow is also opened for the first time at CircusFest: a green space turned into a vintage circus (dating back to the ‘30s and ‘50s) where one can marvel  at a number of awesome spectacles.  The professor is also the director of the Sheffield National Fairground Archive and the world’s leading expert on circus history, so you’re guaranteed to experience the golden age of the circus with original sideshows, aerial performances, contemporary cabaret, a promenade experience studded with headless women, an insect circus and Electra – the 27,000-volted woman.

Equally stimulating for the less sensational-inclined are film screenings, a photographic exhibition by Phil Fisk and talks with Vanessa Toulmin and John Paul Zaccarini, leading rope artist and circus director. (Words: Li Yin Soh) 

CircusFest 2012 is at the Roundhouse from 28th March to 29th April 2012. Click here for more information.

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