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Somewhere you should go… The Chocolate Festival

I’ve recently come to learn that not everyone loves chocolate. Shock, horror? Maybe, maybe not. I personally tread the line between knocking myself into a chocolate-induced coma come Easter time (the mini egg addiction is real…) and steering clear of the stuff whenever I’m reminded that a lot of it out there is pretty much chocolate-flavoured sugar. But thankfully, there’s a growing number of folk churning out superior, luxurious, A-grade, “this could change my mind about chocolate” chocolate, many of whom we’ll be at this weekend’s themed festival.

Master chocolatiers Paul Wayne Gregory and Damian Allsop will be in the mix, along with the renowned Artisan de Chocolat and RococoChocolates, and plenty of newcomers such as Lucocoa Chocolate, a duo committed to producing the confectionery from bean to bar.

The festival will also include chocolate-making workshops, displays, a market and even a Cocoa Spa where visitors can be pampered with chocolate themed treatments. So chocoholics, I expect you to be there, and skeptics – let your curiosity get the best of you; this should be a delightful way to spend the weekend.

From Friday 27 to Sunday 29 March 2015 at the Business Design Centre. For more details visit



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