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What we’ve been up to… Feed Me Primal

“Going Paleo” seems to be the health-fad at the moment, with followers kicking the carbs and turning to predominately meat and veg in a bid to eat like their ancestors of the stone age. As the theory goes, the healthiest way to eat is to embrace fruits, veg, lean meats, seafood, nuts and seeds and healthy fats, while steering clear of processed foods and sugars – fair enough – along with dairy, legumes, grains, starches and alcohol.  Hmmmmm. I’m not gonna lie; when I heard the phrase being thrown around in foodie circles,  it immediately sounded like a lot of work to me (I love my lentils! I love my rice! I love my red wine dagnabit!), but surprisingly, a new food stall can be found around the capital, with a mission to prove that Paleo isn’t actually that hard.

Feed Me Primal was founded by Gemma Callender, a former operations manager who changed her eating habits after her boyfriend, who has a gluten-free diet, discovered Mark’s Daily Apple, a popular food and fitness website. “I wanted to show people that Paleo’s not difficult, or weird,” she says. “It’s simple if anything. It’s really back to basics.” On a busy Saturday inside the Broadway Market schoolyard, she offers a £7.00 chicken or beef meal which is made up of a coconut and cassava grain-free flatbread, topped with kale and peppers, tomato sauce, her paleo alternative to rice, made out of cauliflower, beets, parsnip and herbs (“it’s something that will soak up the sauce,” she points out) and a choice of cheese. Unlike Paleo, the “Primal” diet makes an allowance for the cheddar, as well as red wine (yes!), potatoes, quinoa and rice – but both cases claim to better for the body in the long run.


There’s no denying this is good eating – Gemma’s food is both beautiful and delicious and goes some way to change my pre-conceptions about a very interesting way to eat. If you’re just as curious, check out Gemma’s stall at Broadway Market every Saturday. She also pops up Camden Lock Market, Devonshire Square, Shepherd’s Bush Market St Giles in the field but for more info, visit and check out pics from our recent visit below!




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