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Something you should do… The Floating Cinema

Before you chew us out for yet ANOTHER cinema recommendation this week, we’ve come to realise there’s just some things in life that can’t be ignored – like a cinema project that bridges the gap between artistic disciplines (and just so happens to float).

Off the back of a pilot  in 2011, UP Projects’ The Floating Cinema is pretty unusual, but it arrives for 10 weeks of programmes as innovative and creative as its cargo-style construction.


“Extra-Ordinary” will feature live art shows, tours along the waterways, a horror weekender – where films will be projected from the boat to the bank side – and a fancy dress screening of Frankenweenie near 3 Mills Studio where it was made. There’s also a number of on-board workshops and talks planned , unveiling some of the more interesting stories about the Lea Valley area where the boat will be regularly docked.

The events are the brainchild of artist duo Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie who say the compact space (which seats 12) will be a place for creative things to happen – and given our love for all things hip and arty, that’s just too good to resist.


For more info, visit:

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