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Somewhere You Should Go… Vibe Affordable

I had the misfortune of growing up near an Ikea store so became well practised in giving stressed and disgruntled people directions there. But I’ve never been a massive fan or got its widespread appeal. Go into anyone’s homes and you’ll find the same sofas, vases and pictures strewn throughout. Yes they are a bargain but sometimes you want and need something more original and unique, even though your budget won’t stretch to a Damien Hirst.

Vibe Affordable

So that’s why it’s worth checking out Vibe Affordable at Vibe Gallery. It runs from the 13th-27th June, with a special opening night on the 13th which includes first pick of the available art, a live DJ, drinks including a Pimms corner, nibbles and a live performance from Dutch visual artist Alexandra Arshanskaya, who will be performing a unique and special Live Drawing show. Aimed at introducing art lovers to artists and vice versa the exhibition allows you to engage with the artists as you take in their work.

Other artists featured in the showcase include Alyrical, Gloria Bornacin, Linzi Louise, Christina Peake, Teclah Muropa all providing work across a variety of mediums, styles, prices and tastes to suit all from the art novice to those that like to think they know their Surrealism from their Existentialism.

Vibe Affordable

With all artwork available for between £40 to £4000, this is your chance to pick up a unique piece from credible artists – and who knows how much it could be worth in a few years? (Words: Lucy Palmer) 

Admission is free. Visit for details on opening night and featured artists.