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Something you should see… Siobhan Davies presents ROTOR

Visitors to Conrad Shawcross’ latest installation art piece at the Roundhouse have been blown away by its ethereal and hypnotic comments on time. Converting the ceiling and structure of the Roundhouse into a huge time-keeping device, the work titled Timepiece mirrors passing time perfectly, but via a slightly different route than our usual watch mechanics.

Siobhan Davies

Alongside this installation are a wonderful array of performances that ponder the function and place of time in our society – and that’s where Siobhan Davies comes in. This innovative dance company and choreographer have re-developed a counterpoint performance to Shawcross’s poetic and thoughtful piece. Putting her usual exciting spin on things, Davies has reworked her ROTOR 2010 with ‘a series of appointments’ that tests our human ability to stick to time. The players move rhythmically as hands of the clock but are interrupted by bursts of disruption to their uniformity. At its core the piece offers a manipulation of time, and a reference to the man-made quality of time as we know it.

ROTOR 2013 is also accompanied by an exciting music composition Songbook by Matteo Fargion. Turbulent and haphazard, the score is a cacophony of noise, words and confusion, just as all good contemporary music should be!

Performances of the two pieces run on 17th and 23 -24th August. Tickets are limited and since its also priced as ‘pay what you like’ we think this worthy accessible artwork is worth a bit of your, well, time… (Words: Laura Thornley)

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