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Something you should see… Weekend (London Film Festival)

Weekend The Cultural Exposé things to do in London

“Resonating…” This is the first word that springs to mind after seeing Andrew Haigh’s award-winning film Weekend. An instant sell-out at this month’s London Film Festival and a seemingly modernised version of 1996’s Beautiful Thing, Weekend is an honest and naturalistic observation of yet another story about attraction.


Described as “an unconventional love story between two young men trying to make sense of their lives” this is a story about love and acceptance and how not knowing if you really are loved or accepted can impact the way you approach relationships and in essence, life. Brave in its retelling of initial attraction and common apprehension, Weekend is even complete with characters gloriously mocking the fact that they’ve ended up in their very own Notting Hill.


Tom Cullen and Chris New’s chemistry, with the help of some striking cinematography, is really what defines Weekend as the kind of film you go to sleep still thinking about. What you’ll find quite refreshing in Haigh’s writing is the quality he has in being able to hint at reasons behind the characters’ apprehension in sex and relationships, without ever confirming them. And it’s that honest perplexity that resonates – and makes this altogether, an effortlessly striking film. (Words: Syriah Bailey) 

In cinemas November 4th (part of the 55th London Film Festival programme)



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