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Somewhere you should go… London Photo Festival

London Photo Festival The Cultural Exposé things to do in London

Since the democratisation of all things technological, the SLR has been available to anyone with a few  hundred quid spare and some free time to get snapping. Wannabe Edward Weston’s and snap happy Goldin’s are popping up all over the place, recognisable only by the dazzling flash of light and then gone. Sadly the public arena has never made much concession for the budding photographer until Shirley Read, author and photography lecturer, prompted her students, Emma and Kit,  to fill the proverbial gap and arrange the first amateur photography festival in London.

While Photomonth rolls on in East, this inaugural event take place in South London  at The Crypt in Borough on October 28th and 29th and features an exhibition that promises to showcase hot talent and provide the opportunity to buy some prints in the process. Entry is recession friendly (that’s FREE to you) and supported by a host of industry pros including Frui, Zoom in Photography and Photofusion. Shirley Read will be putting her expert stamp on who really is the one to watch and offering out prizes to the top dogs. The public will also get a chance to vote for their favourite in the f/factor competition. It’s for one weekend only, so make it a date.  (Words: Laura Thornley) 

[stextbox id=”custom”]The London Photo Festival takes place October 28th and 29th. For more info visit[/stextbox]

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