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Somewhere you should go… Breakin Convention 2013

Breakin' Convention

10 years in existence,  Breakin Convention continues to be a celebration of Hip Hop dance – and where else could this be hosted other than Sadlers Wells? Okay, so maybe a few other places before that, but this festival is a good opportunity to see Wells become a more accessible dance establishment, open to all walk of life and ages and alive with a hip-hop inspired youth culture.

The groups showing this year will be from around the globe including, Korea, France, Spain, and USA. For the first time the festival will have a UK only night, showcasing the latest in UK urban dance style. UK groups including Blue Boy Entertainment, ZooNation (yes! the ones from the M&S Christmas advert) and the influential Plague, who move in near flawless formation.

Breakin' Convention

Big names such as the Electric Boogaloos from the USA will be performing, and will present the opportunity to see those moves you thought Michael Jackson invented, performed by the actual creators.

Others to look out for include the Next Level Squad from Brooklyn, whose moves defy natural science and bring a new meaning to the saying ‘twist my rubber arm! There will also be a whole host of all-girl groups performing including Zamounda, an ultra stylish French group who have more than a few championship titles under their arm.  The festival is set to be roaring success so get your tickets fast. The festival will no doubt be a great opportunity to see how urban dance and hip-hop style has become one of the most captivating dance forms today. (Words: Laura Thornley)

Breakin’ Convention is on May 4-6. For more info, visit: 



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