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Somewhere you should go…Salsa!, Charing Cross Road

If you wind up on a dance floor nursing broken toes and yearning for a suave, robust dancer by the name of Ramon, then you’ve probably had a fantastic night out at Salsa! on Charing Cross Road.  The restaurant, bar and nightclub is  a heady Latin-spiced cocktail for the senses – and if you’ve never been, expect to descend the stairs and be hit with a wall of heat radiating from the people crowding the floor in numbers that must surely violate fire codes. The social and festive atmosphere means you’re as likely to return from the bar with a tall, dark stranger who can spin and dip you on the dance floor than you are with a glass of water (or shot of Cachaça,)  – so be prepared.  And Wallflowers, expect to be plucked – Ramon is waiting. (Words: Beth Downey)

Arrive early for dance classes ranging from one-hour sessions to intensive day courses. Visit for more info.

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