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Somewhere you should go… Lyricist Lounge


Are you tired of the same old generic ‘Hip-Hop’ events, where the crowd is filled with people who couldn’t tell the difference between Ice-T and Ice Cube? If you are, then Lyricist Lounge could be your salvation. The LL experience can be best described as a combination of 8 Mile meets Gladiator, with its in-your-face rap battles akin to combat. The monthly rap competition and open mic night brings together the best freestylers the UK has to offer, all of whom are battling it out to win the coveted Lyricist Lounge trophy.

Located in the heart of Hoxton, the event takes place in the Macbeth. It’s not the setting you would expect to host such freestyle battles, but the classic-styled themed pub is more than adequate to deal with the crowd this event is now attracting,  who come from all walks of life, with one common denominator – their love of Hip-Hop. Freestyle cyphers are wedged between intermissions to keep the audience energy up, which helps to add to the already vibrant and positive atmosphere. Audience participation is encouraged too, with MC  for the night Leen asking the crowd to throw random words at the participants to rap about, making it more challenging for them.

All in all, it’s a great night, and if  the performances in the Lyricist Lounge are anything to go by, I see big things in store for the UK underground Hip-Hop scene. (Words: Bunmi Adigun)

The next Lyricist Lounge takes place on March 22nd – for more info,visit

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  • Thank you for reviewing our event. Glad you enjoyed the night. As a result of the success of the competitions they now have their own event at The Macbeth every first Tuesday of the month. LeeN still hosts and runs the open ELITE Cyphers in-between.

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