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Something You Should Do… make a Mother’s Day Card


We owe so much to our mothers. Without them, we wouldn’t have been woken up for school every morning, had a childhood birthday party or ever eaten greens. Of course, we also would not have actually been born, because let’s face it: we all arrived here by a much more painful method than a mere baby-wielding stork.

This year, Mother’s Day takes place on March 18th, a while it’s a somewhat cynical creation of card companies and florists, it’s also a chance to genuinely say ‘thank you’ to mummy dearest for all the long hours she’s put in turning us into the upstanding young characters we are today. Or if we’re not upstanding, for putting up with us just the same and making all those visits to the principal’s office and the jail cell. Thanks mumsies, we really do appreciate it.

If you’re feeling super organised this year, then you might like to attend Drink, Shop & Do’s Mother’s Day Card Making session on March 6th to make a fabulous shoddy handmade card for your own lovely mother ahead of schedule. A nice cocktail and a piece of yummy cake should help the creative juices flow. There’s no doubt she’ll love it – but just don’t blame us when she crowns you ‘the creative, thoughtful one’ and you become her new favourite. (Words: Aoife Moriarty)

For more information, go to Drink, Shop & Do’s website:

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