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That one time I relaxed in a giant, white pod at Floatworks in Vauxhall

Floatworks in Vauxhall

The very first time I stepped into a flotation tank was in…say, 2012? I remember it was after I ran my first half marathon in Berlin, and a pal said it was a great way to treat my body for doing something as incredible as running 13.1 miles ‘for fun’. Alot has changed since then. I’ve run alot more miles “for fun’, but now, I’ve seem to have let relaxation bit slide. You know, the no-training, recovery down time – whether it’s with a masseuse or floating inside a giant, salty water white pod that looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film.

So it was perfect timing when, a few months ago, Chris Plowman from Floatworks got in touch to let me know he’d just opened a new flotation tank spa in Vauxhall. He invited me down to the launch and here’s three things I learned from my visit:

  1. Floating by yourself in a tank for an hour is really weird. But so amazing

    Before you go in, you’re briefed on how it all works and where to go for towels, hair dryers, the loo, etc. One of the staff members escorts to your own “pod room”, which has its own shower – swish. The session lasts for an hour and once you step into the pod it can take a minute to get comfortable. Like I said, it’s weird. But once you relax into the zen of it all, you’ll easily dose off.

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    2. If you don’t cover every last graze on your body with Vaseline, you will feel the burn

    One of the things you’re warned about before stepping into the pod is that the water might sting, especially if you have any cuts. You’re given a packet of Vaseline to smear it on every possible knick. But I must’ve missed a few… ouch.

    3. It’s quite a swanky thing to do

    A one-hour float is £55 and that gets you time in the pod, plus bottled water, towels, access to hairdryers and  herbal teas afterwards in the chill room. It’s not exactly a bargain, but with health being wealth and all that, it is the sort of thing that doesn’t hurt to do once in a while. I slept like a baby afterwards.

    Have you ever tried a flotation tank experience? Let me know in the comments!