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Something you should see… Sky Arts Exhibition: Memory Palace

Think of the world one hundred years from now. Imagine now that an immense storm has wiped out all of our treasured technology, our infrastructure of information and knowledge is gone, and humankind is living in a dark age.

This is the dystopian future explored in Memory Palace, an immersive exhibition (hosted by the V&A Museum) that is being described as a ‘walk-in book’. The author Hari Kunzru worked in collaboration with a group of 20 artists, graphic designers, illustrators and typographers to create the innovative and multidimensional exhibition. Due to the wide field of contributors the artworks vary dramatically in size, shape and appearance, sometimes with nothing in common but the story’s text, and the idea of lost memories.

Memory Palace

While it may be based 100 years into the future, Memory Palace is a powerful reminder that, no matter where and when we are, our memories are our most treasured possessions. As Kunzru’s imprisoned protagonist asks; ‘if you could keep one memory, what would it be?’ This exhibition might just be it. (Words: Nori Bell-Bhuiyan)

On until  20th October. For more information visit:

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