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Somewhere you should go… DONG


A bit like the Royal Variety Show, but without your Royal Majesty  sitting in a crown and a gown, DONG is the night where comedians, dancers, DJs and hip-hop karaoke merge to create a delicious mash-up of all things fun and glorious. It only happens every two months and it doesn’t look like it’s one to be missed…

Rich Mix will be hosting the event featuring  comedian Fergus Craig, from the BBC sketch show Sorry, I’ve Got No Head and Rahzel-inspired Beardyman, a double UK Beatbox champion and vocalist extraordinaire who has previously collaborated with Foreign Beggars and Fatboy Slim.

The absence of the Queen at this show will be eased with Mr. B Gentleman Rhymer, a “chap-hop” rapper who waxes lyrical about cricket, banjo-playing, pipe-smoking and all things genteel, with a mission to introduce the Queen’s English into hip-hop. Whether he will accomplish his mission and impress the deep, dark depths of east London will be intriguing to see and hear.

Doc Brown will also be showcasing some of his down-to-Earth rap comedy, “I got a flash car… a Vauxhall Astra”. Videos found on YouTube of his acts show that his smooth delivery and surprising punch lines will almost guarantee some belly laughs and wry smiles. Who knew hip-hop could be so funny?

Elsewhere on the bill, comedian Cariad Lloyd, usually performing with her various alter egos, will be delivering a set and rap star wannabes will finish off the night in classic DONG style with a hip-hop karaoke session. Great night, guaranteed we thinks.  (Words: Lamiat Sabin) 


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