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Somewhere you should go…Slideluck Potshow London III

While you may struggle to pronounce “Slideluck Potshow” on first attempt, this shouldn’t be a put-off – after all, if there’s one thing I personally can’t resist it’s a night of art AND epicurean delights!

Confused? Well, Slideluck Potshow London III is the third time the capital will be taking part in this international project where participants are treated to an exhibition of the flavours that make their city unique.

The event promises fresh bursts of original art and photography compiled into an eclectic slideshow by talented curator and editor Yumi Goto. The theme? “Multiculturalism Works!” But before you settle down for the show you can indulge in conversation and mastication (it means to chew, get your mind out of the gutter) at a dinner, which is supplied by… well, everyone.

Attendees bring a plate of whatever their signature dish is and then the communal banquet begins! This non‐profit platform for the sharing of good art and good food is being held at SNAP Studios on June 18th – tickets are only £5 and if interested, click here! (Words: Beth Downey)


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