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Somewhere you should go…Wilton’s Music Hall Ping Pong tournament


If you don’t already know about Wilton’s, then you’re in for a very lovely treat because there’s nothing like discovering the legendary Music Hall for the very first time, lurking at the end of a concrete alleyway, as you wind your way down the maze of East London’s unassuming back streets.

The music hall is the oldest in Europe and it shows: dilapidated charm is the name of the game here, with crumbling walls, faded grandeur and a sense of old world style, so the incongruous staging of a table tennis tournament in this hallowed hall has more than a touch of the surreal about it. But on March 31st, Wilton’s will once again (for the fifth time) play host to a Ping Pong tournament pitting London’s finest against one other, in the hopes of winning nothing but the fleeting adoration of a boisterous crowd. Those with their eyes on the prize need to get registered sharpish as sign up has opened and costs £5 – otherwise there’ll be a waiting list on the night in case of drop-outs. Those more suited to the role of baying spectator get free entry.

Wilton’s is in dire need of funds to keep it open, but the great thing about a night there is that you’ll have a good time AND feel like you’re a true patron of the arts, supporting a great London institution. (Words: Jane Duru)

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