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Somewhere you should go… Frame London Fields pop-up gym studio


Anyone with a modicum of good sense knows January is not a great month for making resolutions. With the cold and the wet and the getting back to the 9-5 grind, it’s any luck you can draw on resources of willpower that Paula Radcliffe could only  balk at. But February, well, the time is now ripe. You’ve had a month’s grace, eaten that last packet of mince pies and finally a good time to start putting well-meaning plans into effect.
So it’s great news for keep-fit fans that dance stalwarts Frame have jumped on the pop-up bandwagon. They’ve just opened up a temporary gym studio designed to take the hipster overspill from their increasingly-popular Shoreditch base. Taking place in Netil House, Hackney’s foremost creative hub, Frame London Fields will run classes until the end of the month, with yoga, fitness and dance classes open to everyone, whether on a pay-as-you-go basis or as part of membership. Classes are taught at all levels so there’s something for everyone even if, like me, you’ve got ideas above your station (that Beyonce dance class may have said it was for the advanced but I say, you know a little thing like proficiency would never stop Big B, why let it stop you?) Try out one class and they’ll even throw in your second one for free. (Words: Jane Duru) 

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