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Somewhere you should go… The Great Gatsby, Wilton’s Music Hall


When F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal novel was first published in 1925, it epitomised a country’s growing obsession with wealth and the pursuit of money in the form of individualism, a nation bound to destroy itself amidst the glamour of New York and Long Island. As if on cue one year later, America found itself in its deepest depression, with the collapse of the American Stock market. Sound familiar? Well, the Roaring Twenties, the era of The Great Gatsby, may be seeing a renaissance in more ways than one right now, so here’s the latest opportunity to step back in time with another great example of the growing phenomenon – interactive theatre.

This  Wilton’s Music Hall adaptation of The Great Gatsby takes place in their e oh so stunning venue – a most significant piece of architectural history, smack bang in the middle of the City. The Hall is drenched in British, East End history and compliments the American Prohibition period quite perfectly. The piece promises an immersive, decadent experience – an opportunity to be transported back to the prohibition era living: speakeasies, live jazz and plenty of glitz. The dress code is strictly 20’s, the dance style foxtrots and flappers and the evening tipple is moonshine in teapots. Prepare for an evening  to remember. (Words: Laura Thornley) 

April’s dates are sold out, but tickets are available from May 1st onwards. For more info, click here… 

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