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Somewhere you should go… Soho House’s Dirty Little Secret: Dirty Burger

Soho House‘s tight membership and vetting policy hint that only God knows what goes on beyond those four walls; more than one dirty little secret, we suspect. Well, if you didn’t pass the committee panel (don’t worry we didn’t either) this may be your chance to experience one of their esoteric goings-on. Soho House‘s new kitchen venture gets out of its membership world and sets up camp up North for what everyone, even the glitterati, love to indulge in: a dirty burger.


The world renowned kitchen staff have joined the new trend in meaty hedonism and opened a burger pop-up, round the back of the Pizza East and Chicken Shop in Kentish Town.  Naturally, there is no greasy overweight man serving it up. The guys behind this are all straight out of the famous kitchens: tattooed, bespectacled (in that geeky, Heston-scientist way) and brimming with enthusiasm for their food. The burgers are, thick, juicy and came with all the trimmings (think aged beef patty, lettuce, tomato, french mustard and a baked bun). Chips are retro crinkle cut and the onion rings have a peppery heat that elevate them well above their boring dirty counterparts.

On Wednesday, August 22nd, this spot will be open to the public – so we’re counting down the hours  until we can next indulge in our dirty little secret! (Words: Laura Thornley)

Dirty Burger opens to the public tomorrow at Highgate Studios, Kentish Town. NW5 1PB. Follow@dirtyburger on Twitter for further info. 

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