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Somewhere you should eat… Gingerline

Gingerline January event

The very nature of “pop-up” suggests something of the unusual, but as with most things that the populous gets its hands on – its become a little, well, predictable. Thankfully the creatives of East London won’t take this lying down and have twisted and themed their own version in homage to the affectionately nicknamed orange East London line and themselves, the creatives that live along it.

Made up of a troop of females, the Gingerline experience is both dinnertime, performance and art all at once; a piece of interactive food theatre on a mystery tour. Guests pay up in advance and only receive a text 1 hour prior to the event…just enough time to make a bee line for the gingerline to board the gravy train (who could resist?) . Past themes have included 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and a Brunel inspired underwater banquets (well, technically it was in the museum but some of the performances took place in a tunnel). Each event promises a unique experience of good home cooked food, space design and bespoke menu art. All events are released via social media or a mailing list and are a limited affair (you can’t book for more than 6 people). So if you want to be in, you better get on it… West/North/South Londoners may also apply. (Words: Laura Thornley) 

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