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My re-introduction to Ethiopian food

I first caught wind of Ethiopian food – literally – growing up as a kid in Texas.  We had Ethiopian neighbours, and it was hard to avoid the distinctive aroma of fragrant spices wafting through our apartment block corridors whenever I came home from school. They never invited us around for dinner mind you, so it wasn’t until many, many, many, many moons later that I tried the cuisine at a friend’s birthday dinner in Brixton.

It wasn’t a great moment.

I distinctively remember the struggle to wrap my tastebuds around the sour, spongy injera bread that doubles up as an edible plate covered in all sorts of stews (tasty stews, to be fair) – not to mention the fact that, being the bougie chick I am, I resented having to eat it all with my hands.

So since then, me and Ethiopian food haven’t been on the best terms and I always assumed if I had it again, I wouldn’t like it.  But since getting serious about my foodie credentials, my palate has matured considerably – and I actually enjoyed an Ethiopian meal I shared with a friend last Saturday at Mesi’s Kitchen in Holloway.  We went for a platter, topped with a combination of lamb stews, mixed veg and fried beef pieces – and I didn’t even mind the whole hand eating (although in Nigerian culture, you get a little bowl of water on the side to keep your hands spick and span when you’re eating fufu with our stews #justsaying lol) Anyway, it was a worthwhile re-introduction – so here’s a few pics from my visit:

Mesi's Kitchen Ethiopian Food Holloway Road 1

Mesi's Kitchen Ethiopian Food Holloway Road 2

Mesi's Kitchen Ethiopian Food Holloway Road 3

Mesi's Kitchen Ethiopian Food Holloway Road 4

Have you tried Ethiopian food?  Or do you have any recommendations for places to go in London?  Let me know in the comments. 


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